Proof of Vaccination Requirements for Businesses, and for patrons using certain Businesses and Services.

Published on Thursday, 10 February 2022 at 12:06:52 PM

        Proof of vaccination requirements for businesses, and for patrons using certain businesses and services.


The Shire of Bruce Rock has received many queries regarding vaccination requirements and how these affect people operating and using certain businesses. As these Directions are issued by the WA State Government, the Shire’s role is to assist in directing people to the information sources available.


Therefore, this information is to assist in providing the latest information regarding vaccination, and proof of vaccination requirements for certain activities of prescribed businesses and affected persons. Furthermore, patrons who use certain businesses that are affected by vaccination requirements and proof of vaccination requirements will also find the information below useful.


The State Government has provided two ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ sheets as follows:


 A.          COVID-19 Coronavirus: Proof of vaccination frequently asked questions


B.          Mandatory COVID-19 vaccination


           Mandatory COVID-19 vaccination Frequently Asked Questions


Item ‘A’ above relates to questions regarding the recent ‘Proof of Vaccination Direction’ (No3) as amended.


Item ‘B’ relates to the mandates in place for workers in high-risk industries, including those interacting with people at an increased risk of being infected with COVID-19, or people who are vulnerable to the impacts of COVID-19, or where they are necessary to avoid catastrophic risk to the safety of the community. The related Directions can be found here:


This information has been provided to local businesses and affected persons to assist with understanding each business’s obligations under the applicable Directions issued by the Chief Health Officer, or State Emergency Coordinator and Commissioner of Police. The content of the links get updated periodically so please review the information regularly via the links as it could change from time to time.


If you have any questions on the information provided in this correspondence please use the following contact in the first instance:


The Coronavirus (COVID-19) information helpline on 13 COVID (13 268 43).

If you reasonably believe that a business or venue is not complying with proof of vaccination requirements, people should contact Police on 131 444.