History of Bruce Rock

Bruce Rock was initially constituted as the East Avon Road District in 1913. In 1918, it was renamed to Bruce Rock Road Board, and on 1 July 1961, it became a Shire following the enactment of the Local Government Act 1960 and became the Shire of Bruce Rock.

In 1999, the Ardath, Babakin, Kwolyin, Shackleton, Belka, and Coordarin Wards covering outlying areas of the Shire were replaced by 2-member South, West and East Wards, while the Central and Town wards covered other areas. Wards were abolished for the 2005 elections.

Bruce Rock Town

Bruce Rock was originally known as Nunagin, but confusion with other towns in the area led to the change to its present name. The towns name originates from a low granite outcrop, which lies to the east of the town, named after sandalwood cutter John Rufus Bruce who set up his camp near a soak at the base of the rock.

Although settlers had been allocated land around Bruce Rock township since 1860, the town of Bruce Rock was not gazetted until 1913.

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