STED Scheme 

The Water Corporation has recently completed constructing a Septic Treatment Effluent Disposal (STED) Scheme in the Bruce Rock townsite. 250 residential blocks situated between Mitchell, Butcher and Johnson Streets and Noonagin Road will benefit from the new infrastructure.

The Scheme takes partially treated wastewater from household septic tanks through a pipeline to a disposal pond system managed by Water Corporation.

The project has been completed due to overflowing leach drains in backyards and laneways which was causing health concerns for the community. The overflow was also damaging local infrastructure, including roads.

The STED Scheme will protect local infrastructure and the health of the community. It will also improve the overall environmental health of the area.

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The Shire is offering a rebate of up to $1,500 per property to assist with the costs of connecting to the STED Scheme. The rebate will be paid directly to the licensed plumber used for the connection. The application for the rebate can be accessed  Here

View the FAQs Here