Waste Management

The Bruce Rock tip is located on Depot Road, south-east of the town and is open Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday 8:00 AM until 4:30 PM

Landfill - Public Access Opening Hours

Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday
8:00am - 4:30pm
Closed Good Friday & Christmas Day

(This may be subject to change. Please refer to Rock Review and Social Media Pages for updates)

Townsite Rubbish Collection

The Shire provides the residents of the townsite with one 240L green bin kerbside collection every Monday. Residents are asked to place their bins out with wheels facing away from the kerb the night before collection.

Your Levy for rubbish collection is included in your yearly rates and is $293.00 annually, unless a concession applies. If you require more than one bin to be collected - please contact the Shire of Bruce Rock on 9061 1377. An extra bin will incur a fee.

If for any reason you need to replace your bin, you can contact the Shire Office on 9061 1377. It should be noted that the cost of replacing, and in some cases repairing these bins is the responsibility of the resident.

Download the 2024 Waste & Recycle Calendar Here


The Shire of Bruce Rock also manages large red with yellow topped lids recycling bins at the Depot Road landfill site which are free for use by the public. All matter of recyclable goods are accepted in these bins including plastic bottles, newspapers, liquid paperboard, glass and aluminium and steel cans. Your levy for your household and/or business recycling bin collection is $113.00 and is included in your yearly rates.

Find out what can be recycled

For more information on what can be recycled please visit the Recycle Right Website

Closed Good Friday & Christmas Day. This may be subject to change. Please see Rock Review and Social Media Pages for any changes

Commercial/Bulk Waste Disposal

For disposal of Commercial, Industrial, and Bulk Demolition wastes and for Asbestos disposal please see below forms 1 and 2 for disposal and fees

Commercial Waste Disposal Form 

ASBESTOS Disposal Form 

Street Sweeping

A street sweeping contractor services the Shire of Bruce Rock townsites once a month. Residents are able to sweep loose leaves onto the road for collection the night before the street sweeper is due.

A reminder will be posted on the Shires Facebook page and in the Rock Review the week before the street sweeper is due.

Dates the street sweeper is booked for the second half of 2023 are listed below:

  • 10th July
  • 7th August
  • 4th September
  • 2nd October
  • 6th November
  • 4th December

Frequently Asked Questions


When can I put my bins out?

Bins need to be placed on the kerb by 6am on the morning of your collection day to ensure your bins are collected. Bruce Rock townsite Mondays; Ardath, Babakin and Shackleton on Wednesday; Bruce Rock townsite Commercial and Industrial extra collection Fridays. Note, collection dates could change check the calendar or Shire Webpage/Facebook Page.


Where should I place my bins for collection?

Your bins need to be placed on the kerb with unobstructed access. Your bins should face the road with the wheels on your property side and the lid handles on the road side. If you have more than one recycling service, it is important to place the bins at least 50cms apart to ensure there is no interference with the collection arm.


How do I get a recycling bin?

Each new service receives a 240Lt Recycling Bin. This bin remains the property of Avon Waste. If the Recycling Bin is lost, stolen or wilfully damaged, it is the resident’s responsibility to pay for a replacement Recycling Bin. To arrange a new or additional service to your property, you need to contact your local shire. All properties in the town boundary are required to have a recycling service. To purchase a replacement bin contact our Avon Waste office on 9641 1318. Bins need to be paid for before they are delivered.


Why wasn’t my recycling bin collected?

There are a couple reasons why a bin may not be emptied.

  • Your bins were not placed out on time.
  • Your bins may have been obstructed by parked cars or trees for example.
  • You have placed unacceptable items in your recycle bin.

If your bin was missed and you are unsure as to why, please contact our Avon Waste office on 9641 1318.


What can’t I place in the recycling bin?

Please refrain from placing any general waste, hot or burning ashes, bricks, rocks, soil, paints, household and business hazardous waste material, solvents, liquid waste or non-recyclables into your bin.


How will my bin collection be affected by public holidays?

Your recycling will be collected as normal on most public holidays. The only exception to this is Christmas day. If your collection day falls on this day, alternative arrangements will be made and you will be advised in advance. The Shire of Bruce Rock will advertise in advance known changes to collection days, please check the Shire Website, Facebook page and local paper for details.


My bin is broken, how do I fix this?

Occasionally over the life time of your bin, parts may be required to be replaced. For example, bin lids, lid pins, wheels and axles. These items will be replaced where possible if the damage is incurred as part of normal wear and tear of the bin. Should the bin be damaged by the collection vehicle operations, or you want to report your bin is no longer serviceable due to wear and tear please report this as follows:

  • Rubbish Bin – Shire of Bruce Rock ph: 9061 1377 or at the Shire office at 54 Johnson Street, Bruce Rock;
  • Recycling Bin - contact the Avon Waste office on 9641 1318.