Natural Resource Management Services

Natural Resource Management Services

The Bruce Rock Natural Resource Management Officer ( NRMO ) offers services to farmers and community members, aimed at the preservation and improvement of our natural environment and farmland. The NRMO assists farmers with all aspects of sustainable agricultural production, and can write grant applications, offer advice on revegetation solutions, access experts in any field and organise field events, workshops and keep community members abreast of activities in surrounding areas.

Current Projects

  • Sustainable agriculture research and promotion.
  • Revegetation projects on public lands.
  • Fencing projects to protect on farm remnant vegetation.
  • Control of feral animals and invasive weeds

For assistance, advice or to organise events associated with landcare, sustainable farming, salinity and any other issues associated with living and working in the country, call Mandy Lee on 9061 1677 or email at

Firewood Collection 

It has been identified during a review of issuing of permits and monitoring compliance, that Council cannot meet the requirements for collection of firewood on roadsides in line with the regulations set by Department of Environment and Water Regulation.

At its Council Meeting in October 2020, Council resolved to no longer permit the collection of firewood from any land under management authority or owned by the Shire of Bruce Rock.

As a result, the Shire no longer issues permits for the collection of wood.

The Shire would like to remind community members to please not take any wood from road verges, reserves or any other land controlled by the Shire of Bruce Rock as this activity is illegal and penalties may apply.

The Shire thanks community members for their cooperation on this matter.


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