Administration Services

Shire Offices located on Johnson StreetThe Shire Offices

The Shire Offices are located at 54 Johnson Street. The Staff are able to help with a huge range of various administration services from Hall Bookings and Local Events, to Dog Registrations and Rates enquiries.

The shire is also an On-Line Agent for all Transport Licensing functions. These include vehicle registrations and renewals, vehicle transfers, change of number plates, ordering personalized number plates, motor license applications, as well as hazard perception tests, renewal of motor and firearm licenses (including photographs and additional classes), boat renewals and change of address.

Bruce Rock Public Library

The Bruce Rock Library is also situated within the Shire Offices. The library stocks an extensive range of Books, Audio CD's and CD-Rom's for everyone. If they do not have what you are looking for, the shire staff will be happy to try and get it in for you.

For more information contact the shire offices on 9061 1377.