Online Form - Burning Permit

Permits are required during the Restricted Burning Period from 30th September 2022 – 31st October and from 15th February to 31st March inclusive.

Type of Burning*

Please note the following: 

Burn start date must be at least two working days from the application date (for example if you wish to burn on the weekend the application needs to be made on Thursday or before). Burn End Date must be a maximum of 4 days from Start Date.

Please be advised that burning is not permitted on Sundays or public holidays.

Conditions and Obligations

  1. Subject to suitable weather conditions. Please check with Bureau of Meteorology in Perth for the “Australian Fire Danger Rating System (AFDRS)” Fire Danger Rating via and go to Forecasts, Bushfire Danger & Forecast for South West Land Division for “Lockwood” as there is NO PERMITTED BURNING on a “high”, “extreme” or “catastrophic” rated days.
  2. Notify the Chief Bush Fire Control Officer or the Shire of Bruce Rock prior to the lighting of fire.
  3. Notify all adjoining landowners or occupiers in accordance with the Bush Fires Act (r.15B (4)).
  4. Before setting fire the permit holder shall arrange for and provide, in order to assist in keeping the fire under control and preventing it from spreading beyond the land on which the burning is to take place, at least 3 able-bodied persons who shall be constantly in attendance at the fire from the time it is lit until no burning or smoldering fuel is within 30 metres of the perimeter of the firebreak surrounding the burnt area or, if there is no such firebreak, within 30 metres of the perimeter of the burnt area (r.15B (6)).
  5. Must be equipped with adequate water supplies for duration of fire
  6. Must have a UHF radio that is operational
  7. Must read and abide by ALL accompanying conditions of the permit

I acknowledge I have read the above information and understood the conditions of this permit to burn and by clicking the submit button, I agree to comply with all conditions and accept my responsibilities in accordance with the Bush Fires Act 1954.

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