For Officers of Council Member of the Shire of Bruce Rock



2 Vacancies for a Term of office being 1 Year


Kevin FOSS
Rebecca Anne WAYE

Polling Place on Election Day

The polling place located at Bruce Rock Shire Office 54 Johnson St, Bruce Rock will be open from 8.00 AM to 6.00 PM on Friday 12th October 2018.

Voting times before election day

Early voting is open, from 8.30am to 4.30pm weekdays up until 4.30pm Thursday 11th October 2018.  To get your ballot paper and place your vote early please visit the polling place at Bruce Rock Shire Office, 54 Johnson St, Bruce Rock.

Postal vote application forms are available now from the address below. You should apply as soon as possible so that the voting papers can be processed and your vote returned to us before 6.00pm on election day.

Need help to vote?

Electoral staff or a person you trust (who is not one of the candidates or a scrutineer) can help you if you are incapacitated and not able to vote on your own.

Vote counting

Members of the public and candidates are welcome to attend the counting of the votes after 6.00pm on Friday 12th October 2018 at Bruce Rock Council Chambers 54 Johnson St, Bruce Rock.


All enquiries should be made to the Returning Officer on the below details.

Darren Mollenoyux, Returning Officer

54 Johnson Street,
Bruce Rock WA 6418
PH: 9061 1377
Email: admin@brucerock.wa.gov.au