Age Friendly Communities

The Shire of Bruce Rock has launched a new initiative in 2016 with the aim of adopting an 'age friendly community'. The 'Age Friendly Community Initiative' helped to encourage active ageing by optimizing opportunities for health, participation and security in order to enhance quality of life as people age. 

The Age Friendly Communities approach adopted a locally-driven and ‘bottom-up’ approach that begun with the experience of seniors, carers and service providers regarding what is, and what is not, age-friendly, and what can be done to improve our community’s age-friendliness.  

As part of this project the Shire of Bruce Rock conducted a number of interviews, surveys and community group consultations with public, private and voluntary service providers and seniors to provide a complete picture of the community’s strong points and barriers in regard to age-friendliness.   

The Age Friendly Communities Plan can be downloaded at the link below or to access a hard copy and or if you would more information please contact the Community Development Officer Ashleigh Waight on (08) 90611377 or

The Age Friendly Community Project was also supported by the Department of Local Government & Communities & Localise.


Shire of Bruce Rock Age Friendly Communities Plan – Click Here

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