Kwolyin Campsite

Kwolyin Campsite is situated on what used to be the old football oval. You wouldn't know it. Pristine bush, with orchids, flowering annual and sandalwoods surround the camp. Rarely can you sit in a picnic shelter and look on at orchids on the sides of the shelter. Or, park your caravan in a dedicated bay in the bush. 

The camp boasts toilets, camp kitchen, large & small shelters, dedicated tent camping and caravan bays, campfires with BBQ plate (April til Sept only), bush walks and a pioneer walk trail through the old campsite & more.

Kwolyin Campsite

Granite Way

From Kwolyin, strike out on a 60km tour of the most impressive granite rocks on any drive. Spectacular scenery of both granite rocks and farmland abound, on this short but impressive drive. The drive can be accessed form Kellerberrin, Yotting & Kwolyn.

kwolyin campsite map