2018/19 Council Budget Community Requests

Does your organisation have an item or proposal that it would like considered for Council’s 2018/19 Budget?

Council has commenced its budget preparations for 2018/19 and would like to hear from sporting or community organisations that have item/s, equipment or a proposal that they would like considered for funding in the Council’s next budget. This also includes requests for assistance from Council staff for setting up for community events. 

If you would like your organisation’s request considered for this year’s budget, please complete Community Budget Request Form and return it to Council by the latest, 4:00 pm Friday 6th April 2018. The submission will then be taken to Council for consideration.

The item, if given approval at the May meeting, will then be included in the budget deliberations. However you will not receive confirmation of its inclusion until the budget is adopted at its July Budget Council meeting.