Kokerbin Rock

Known as Kokerbin Hill, it is the third largest monolith in Australia and is recognized as an interesting unspoilt spot for flora and fauna study. It covers 9 hectares and is 122m high with interesting formations, caves and a deep well on the western side. Situated approximately 40km north-west of Bruce Rock, the picnic and barbecue facilities that are available make to an ideal location for a pleasant outing with family and friends.

The Rock is situated within the Kokerbin Nature Reserve which is administered by the Department of Parks an wildlife. The picnic area is administered by the Shire of Bruce Rock.

DEC and the Shire of Bruce Rock are working to improve signage and walkways through out the park. At present there are some roads closed and may cause some inconvenience, but these closures are in place to protect the cultural values, and the flora and fauna within the area.

There is a road around the base of the Rock. Parking areas there allow you to stop, and walk to the top for a view of a lifetime. The road will take you past such sites as the Well, and give you good views of Devils Marbles.

Please stay on the designated walk ways and enjoy the experience.

  kobin rock